How did Imam Bukhari die?!

 Imam al-Bukhari was subjected to severe persecution at the end of his life from the rulers of Islamic cities in the eastern Islamic world.
Specifically, Nishapur, Bukhara, and Samarkand.

For many reasons, including:

_ His refusal to teach their children in their palaces.
He used to say: Knowledge is given and not taken to the door.

_Some people envied his fame and biography.
And other reasons.

When Al-Bukhari reached the age of 62, he received orders from the ruler of Nishapur to leave the city and that he was not wanted.

So he migrated from there until he reached his hometown of Bukhara. People greeted him at the gates of the city and sprinkled money and sugar on him. People, students of knowledge, and hadith scholars gathered around him until they abandoned the gatherings of other hadith scholars, which caused some people to become jealous of him.

But soon the ruler of Bukhara became angry with his fame, and messages also arrived from the ruler of Nishapur stating the need to expel the Imam from Bukhara as well, as he had previously been expelled from Nishapur.

The envoy of the city’s governor arrived at Al-Bukhari’s house urgently asking him to leave the city...and the orders were to “now” leave the city.

To the point that the Imam did not have time to collect his books and arrange them.. So he left the city and stayed on its outskirts in his tent for three days, adjusting his books and arranging them, but he did not know where he was going?!

Then Al-Bukhari moved towards the city of Samarkand... but he did not enter the city itself, but rather headed towards a village called Kharatnak to be a guest of his relatives there.
Accompanied by Ibrahim bin Maqil.

It did not take long for the guards to arrive at the doors of the house where the Imam stayed...

Their orders from the ruler of Samarkand this time are that Imam Bukhari must leave the areas of Samarkand and its villages.
This was the night of Eid al-Fitr.

But the orders were for him to go out “now” and not after the Eid... so the Imam feared that he would cause any harm to his relatives who had honored him...

So Ibrahim bin Maqil arranged the books for him on top of his first animal and prepared the second for the imam to ride on.

Then Ibn Maqil returned home and began to bring out Al-Bukhari while he was angry with him... and they were walking towards the riding animal...

After about 20 steps...
Imam Al-Bukhari felt more and more tired, so he asked Ibn Maqil to give him a few minutes to rest.

Imam Al-Bukhari sat next to the road.. Then he fell asleep.

And it was only a matter of minutes.. When Ibn Maqil wanted to wake up the Imam, he found that his soul had flowed to Allah... May Allah have mercy on him.

Imam Bukhari died on the side of the road on the night of Eid al-Fitr, Shawwal 1, 256 AH...

He was expelled from one city, another, and a third, and he was over 62 years old.

Today people do not know the names of the rulers of Nasapur, Bukhara, and Samarkand...but everyone knows Imam Bukhari.

May Allah have mercy on Imam Bukhari and raise his rank in the ranks of the Prophets, martyrs and righteous people.

Biographies of Noble Figures, p. 468, Part 12 📖

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