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To appreciate BAT and what he did in Lagos State, we need to compare and contrast the regimes of DONALD DUKE and that of BOLA AHMED TINUBU. They were among the first set of governors in the 4th Republic that started in 1999 after prolonged military regimes.

Donald Duke was elected as Governor of Cross Rivers State. He performed considerably during his tenure of 8 years. Some of his notable achievements are as follows.

1. TINAPA, a business and tourism city.

2. OBUDU CATTLE RANCH, he developed the tourism potential of a vast land on a hill of about 104km Square.

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3. Annual Carnival to encourage Tourism

4. etc

Successor: Liyel Imoke

Party: PDP.


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Before he was sworn in on May 29, 1999, BAT set up a committee of professionals and technocrats, to look into Lagos’ past, Lagos Present and project into Lagos of the future. The committee came up with LAGOS MEGA CITY, a metropolitan city similar to London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc which will be developed in 25 years. A MASTER PLAN was produced and Tinubu started its implementation. Some of his notable achievements are as follows.

1. Set up of ORACLE CENTER at Alausa to build Management Information System for a public institution where he implemented the first TSA (Treasury Single Account). To ensure centralization of Financial and Management information of Lagos State.

2. He set up various agencies to develop Lagos state, such as LAMATA, LAWMA, LASSA, Reformed LIRS, LASTMA, etc

3. He carried out Financial Engineering and drastically improved the revenue generation of Lagos State. In the first month of his new revenue generation system, he took Lagos from N600 million to N2 billion monthly. That was how Lagos was jump-started by Tinubu and stopped depending on federal allocation.

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4. He opened up Lekki Axis massively up to Epe as the face of NEW LAGOS.

5. He set up the LEKKI FREE TRADE ZONE area as the new industrial zone for Lagos State with Lagos-owned Deep Seaport and Airport. The SA that went with him to China to discuss with the Investor and Partner back then is the Governor who completed the Lekki Deep Seaport this year.

6. The Bar Beach encroachment that seriously threatened the lives and properties in Victoria Island was curtailed by pushing the ocean to where it was in 1905 (100 years as of 2005), reclaiming the land and now building EKO ATLANTIC CITY on it on PPP arrangement. Something similar to Manhattan City in New York, USA.

7. Tinubu reconstructed the entire road network on Lagos Island using Julius Berger. Also, VI, Oregun Road, Lawanson, Igando, etc.

8. Tinubu created 37 LGs to take development to the grassroots but met a brick wall from OBJ led PDP government. He later turned the 37 LGs to Lagos Council Development Authority (LCDAs).

Successor: Tinubu knew he will only use 8 years out of 25 years development plan, he never handled the succession plan with political consideration. He nominated FASHOLA his former Chief of Staff who understands the plan and part of its implementation team.

Party: AD to AC to ACN and now APC, all progressive parties.


Go to the Cross Rivers state today and check TINAPA and OBUDU specifically. All are moribund now, infrastructure collapsed and shadow of the past. Check it out in this video:

What is the cause? Poor succession plan. The succession was merely done on the table of politics and not considering the competence, capacity and character of the successor to continue with the plan. Most of our governors are only interested in projects to make money. They don’t go for long-term projects but short-term ones. That is why the government keep reconstructing the same road every four years.

Now, look at BOLA AHMED TINUBU who had a long-term plan with several projects that must be done within 25 years. Tinubu built a SYSTEM and PEOPLE to continue and manage the projects he started and continue building by following the MASTER PLAN..

Today, we can all see that Lagos State is the 5th largest economy in Africa. Its GDP is bigger than many countries in Africa including Ghana.

In conclusion, it simply shows that TINUBU has a strong progressive mindset. To date, he contributes to who becomes the governor of Lagos State. Why? Simply for continuity purposes. But his enemies and detractors who lacked ideas and ingenuity always envy him and say he’s a rent collector. This happens when people are bereft of development ideas that are much needed in Nigeria today.

Give it to TINUBU, he is the father of NEW LAGOS. He planned for it, worked for it and earned it. He took Lagos through the bend and made sure things are looking up for Lagos state. Show me one person among the class of governors in 1999 or even beyond who can match him.

DIGRESSION: See Rivers state too. Amaechi started MONO RAIL and WIKE abandoned it. Now, someone will tell me that either Amaechi or Wike is better than Tinubu. This happens when we play politics too much.

A progressive mindset is needed at the Federal too. PMB has demonstrated that by completing most projects started and abandoned by the PDP. The next President will surely come from the APC clan with the same Progressive mindset to take Nigeria to the next level.

Know this and know peace.


© MO

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