BREAKING THE ROPE THAT CAUGHT THE EGG-STEALING COBRA: The parable of Kwara’s strange saviors

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…The parable of Kwara’s strange saviors

1st Savior: Break that rope! The rope is not strong?

2nd Savior: Don’t break the rope or the cobra will escape

3rd Savior: I set the rope but the rope is no softer to touch, break the rope and I will set another.

4th Savior; The cobra is still dangerous on the rope, better break the rope and let it go into its jungle.

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5th Savior: Where on earth do they set a capture egg stealing cobra free because they don’t like the rope?

6th Savior: That was not the rope we want to set to capture it in the first place! Break the rope and let us set another one

That was the suggestion and counter suggestion as community people approach a big Cobra caught by a rope and struggling.

*Let’s look into what a cobra is because, in the next 30 minutes, the villagers will decide whether to break the head of the cobra or break the rope that caught the cobra*.

The COBRA is a black forest snake that also lives by the riverside.

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Cobra at full length can be 10ft to 11ft long, black, and with a flat neck of yellow patches on its black color

It is slightly venomous but also capable of spraying eye-blind saliva on its attacker.

Cobra, like any other snake, is considered harmful and highly dreaded by humans.

The truth of the danger an innocent cobra poses to man is not, however, commonly known to them.

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In the record of snake bit in the villages; cobra hardly makes one out of ten cases as Cobra hardly bite unless a man deep his hand into a hole it resides in.

The danger of a cobra is more to the locals that rear fowls; the eggs and younger fowls are the common source of food for a cobra living near the house.

The cobra steals eggs and young fowls causing losses that run to thousands to the locals who may not even know it is the one.

If you will recall, setting a rope trap is one of the methods to capture a snake.

That was the case in the village in question, a Cobra was invading the village, carting away the young fowls and the eggs but luckily the rope cut it four days ago.

The cobra has been struggling to free itself and the self-appointed saviors in advising and leading the people on what to do.

That was the reason for the debate or is it arguments or talk and the beginning of this article?

And that question keeps on ringing; why will anyone want to break the rope that caught an egg-stealing Cobra?

Until the wind whistles and then turns to a roaring storm with a sound audible to the discerned.

It becomes known that.

Not only does the Cobra steal eggs and young fowl but some men too steal and the world believes it is still the cobra.

The beneficiary of the evil of the cobra does not want the cobra destroyed.

These are the ones working to free the cobra to harm the villagers for the personal benefit the existence of the cobra brings to them.

The self-appointed saviors and the wise men of the village are divided into two groups today: the one that wants the rope that caught the Cobra broken and the one that wants the head of the cobra broken.

*That is the parable of Kwara’s strange saviors*

He said unto me, tell this parable to Kwara, and this is what I have done.

Corruption in government is the Cobra, in the parable here and which Kwarans were complaining of and Gov. AbdulRahman’s government is the rope set by Kwarans that caught the corruption by the center when it come into existence in 2019.

The self-appointed saviors are the leaders in politics and are telling Kwarans to preserve or destroy the rope as you can apply what you just read.

The beneficiaries of corruption are the ones advising that we remove Mal. Abdulrahman’s government is like the rope that caught the corruption which Is the egg-stealing cobra to set it free.

Time to watch the Kwarans community, and whether they will heed the voice of fake saviors that are crying to break the rope, and set the corruption free because they are not the ones holding the rope they claimed to have set as the government of Mal. AbdulRahman.

Or if they will stand firmly with Mal. AbdulRahman and ensure the head of the egg-stealing Cobra is finally broken in Kwara State.

Just a month to go but we advise Kwara to shun the advice of the selfish politicians that were crying for none payment of salary four years ago but are saying that the prompt payment of higher salary is no more important than a governor that obeys their directive, even it is to the harm of the said salary prompt payment today.

Their advice to you to vote against Gov. AbdulRahman is like saying; break the rope that captures the egg-stealing cobra and let the cobra lose to continue stealing our egg and young fowls.

They are simply saying remove Mal. AbdulRahman and allow the corruption he has stem down gain full life.

Bisi Kristen

S.A Media (Community Engagement)

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