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A young University Graduate who is awaiting to go for National Youth Service came to me, with excitement. He said Uncle, I am so happy, I now have a Degree, I am going to Boss my Counter Parts from Polytechnic, who could have been working before, I was born. Then I answered him, why not wait until you get the job before you can Boss those who may be in the Position of your Uncle. This is how Professionalism and working experience was murdered in Nigeria.

If we put a square peg, in a round hole, then we can not get results. This is what we see around, it is very disheartening. In another development, I introduced a Fresh Graduate of Agricultural Economics from a University to be employed as a Farm Manager in a Farm own by Someone in America. But the Farm is in Nigeria. The employer got angry with me and how can you recommend a Fresh Graduate to Boss even Secondary School Certificate holders who have enough working experience than him. He refused to employ him. That is it, an employer who is result oriented who have respect for working experience, other than allowing someone who hold Bachelors Degree, but has no idea of the job to Boss others.

As far as I am concerned, working experience is very paramount when it comes to recruitment of job Application. One thing which do make me sad is that, they will tell you nothing can be done right in Nigeria. A friend of mine would tell you, nobody require your competence in Nigeria, just get a University Degree, and be equal to gods.

I beg to disagree with him. I had attended a job interview, where I was shortlisted as a Manager of an Integrated Farm in Lagos. At the interview, the employer commended my Brilliance, but being a Fresh Graduate in 2006, he said I do not have enough Working experience to Boss the entire Farm. I probably would have been entitled to a Company Car, A Flat and a Driver. The job was given to someone from IITA who had better working experience and met more closely with the requirements of the employer.

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As you do the job, you are expected to improve on it, be exposed to training and re-training by your Agency for the sake of Proficiency.

This is one way of motivating the employee. Experience can not be bought with Money. More so, all you need to develop yourself can not be taught at the 4 Walls of the University. That is the reason why Many Graduates couldn’t pass job interview. Before you know it, they begin to blame Witches and Wizards in their family.

However, where productivity and professionalism is not required, no one has regard for your working experience. This is one of the most deadly disease destroying the quality of education in Nigeria. If we have respect for Papers, I mean University Degree alone, others who are brutalized may be tempted to go and get fake University Degree under Duress.

Nobody likes to be treated inferior. This is the reason why we have many Degrees flooding the labour Market helplessly. In some instances, working experience can make you know more than a Professor in your field. We all can see where injustice is taking us to in this Country. Injustice is the main cause of Terrorism in Nigeria.

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In a system where incompetence is Bossing Professionalism, it is tantamount to Politics, yet Politics is a dirty game. I have always advise my friends, if their job is not Challenging, then they should relate with other experts outside their job.

I know an industrialist who is a Polytechnic Graduate, and he was discriminating jobs in Lagos. He retired from an Industry, he was called back to service after retirement. Even, if your working experience is not required in your Agency, it will be useful for you, outside your Agency.

Do not join the band wagon of mediocrity and lukewarmness. I encourage People to know their job. I regret how our University Graduates are going back to learn Trades after Graduation. It is not healthy to have the mind that you have acquired a Degree just to Boss your Subordinates.

You never can say where you will meet them again, outside your job. We should be careful how we molest subordinates, what if he becomes the President tomorrow through Politics, then sacks you. One good turn deserves another.

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It is possible we be favoured by Policy, sometimes Policy changes. It is by Grace that we are more educated than others. Let us avoid using vulgar language on subordinates. Respect them, they will respect you in return. Many people are wasting away because their competence is relegated, we only worship Degree in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, a Degree holder is just a beginner in his field. Until we have a rethink and so things with fear of God. Workers should work in harmony, not that you become a Dictator or be callous, ruthless, and disrespectful in the name of Bossing.

You are suppose to be partners in progress. It should not be a battle of supremacy, it can be very dangerous for the well being of the industry.

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