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Rep Ajuloopin seeks partnership with rabbit farmers to empower unemployed constituents

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Rep Tunji Ajuloopin, member, representing Ekiti, Isin, Irepodun and Oke-ero federal constituency of Kwara has sought partnership with Rabbit Farmers Association (RFA) in a bid to empower some unemployed constituents.

Ajuloopin while receiving the delegation of RFA at the constituency office on Monday in Omu-Aran said it would be an ideal empowerment programme for unemployed youths in the constituency

” I want to do this as empowerment programme for my people, a lot of them do not have job and they can start from this and it can help them eke a living.

“We are going to partner with you and the beneficiaries will be grouped, you will train them and we will start with little capital,” he said.

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Abdulrahman Femi, the leader of the RFA stated that students in the constituency could also go into rabbit farming to help support their parents, adding that within one or two years they would be self sufficient.

According to him, constituents who are students can leverage on rabbit farming to support their parents in paying their school fees, we have a lot of species that within a period of time can weigh 3.5kg and made ready for market.

Oluwafemi said that rabbits urine and excrete are useful to farmers, adding that the urine is organic manure that could be sprayed on vegetable for pesticides

He said that there were ready made market for rabbits in the country, adding that the animal is in high demand especially among those who did not eat beef

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He said that those with high blood pressure who had been advised against taken beef also seek alternative in eating rabbit

According to him, rabbit has low amount of fat high digestible protein and it is almost cholesterol free, it contain high calcium and phosphorus than other meat.

“It provides a wide range of minerals and easily digest, that is why it is good for pregnant women and very rich in vitamin, protein and minerals.

RFA however appointed Ajuloopin as its patron for Omu-Aran chapter, while presenting him with rabbits of different sizes.

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