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Kwara Must Change restores my faith in Nigeria says Police Commissioner

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Cannibalizing police is against humanity- KMC

Kwara State Police Commissioner, Mr Kayode Egbetokun has described a condolence message delivered by Kwara Must Change to the police over the killing of 38 police officers during EndSARS protest as a message that restores his faith in Nigeria.

The Commissioner, who stated this during a meeting with leading Pro Democracy Group, Kwara Must Change on Thursday noted that, he almost lost faith in the country, when police officers were being killed, burnt and eaten by people who called for an end to now disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squared (Sars) and no one had the conscience to speak about the matter across the various media platforms.

According to Mr Egbetokun, “I saw videos of police officers being killed, burnt and eaten in some states by people who are calling for an end to sars, but I said to myself, if these people are engaged to replace the sars they were asking government to disband, what kind of country would we have?

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Egbetokun explained that, the most disappointing part of the tragedy was that, highly respectable individuals in the society, who were given opportunity to speak across media platforms conviniently refused to aknowledge the death of over 38 police officers butcherd during the protest and over 256 stations burnt, a development, he said almost made him loose faith in the country.

” I almost lost faith in the Nigeria when I saw this development, because it means that there’s no hope for the country, but with the visit of Kwara Must Change and the message delivered by the convener, my hope in the country is restored”.

While calling on Kwara Must Change to partner with the police, he maintained that “I now know that we still have people of conscience who will always do the right thing and place value on humanity”

Earlier, the Convener of Kwara Must Change, Abdulrazaq Hamzat told the Police Commissioner that the group visited the police to condole with them over the loss of their men during EndSARS protest.

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Hamzat explained that, Kwara Must Change have had cause to engage the police several times over the conduct of some police officers, but such engagement is to strengthen the police and make them improve their conduct and approaches while securing the nation.

According to the Convener, “we do not consider the police as an enemy that should be hated or eliminated, but as partner in nation building that should be strengthened”.

“This is why we find it worthy to sympathize with police over the tragic dehumanization of over 38 of your officers during the protest”

Hamzat maintained that, police are human beings who also have human rights and losing over 38 officers is like a massacre against the police.

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He assured the police that the group will always do its part in strengthening the police and not make an enemy out of them.

A respectable member of the delegation, Hon. Ibrahim Akaje who also spoke at the meeting appreciated the police for the work they are doing under difficult condition.

Akaje explained that, when we could no longer see the police during the height of the incident, the people began to be fearful, knowing that we are more insecure than ever before.

He maintained that police are an inevitable part of the society and we will continue to appreciate the sacrifices they make to keep us all safe.

Other members of the delegation including Comrade Adeyemi Surajudeen Olaitan, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Awobimpe, Comrade Rasaq Jeje and Miss Jummai Ibrahim

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