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Group vows to resist another #EndSARS protest in Yoruba land

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Adeshina Animashaun, National Coordinator of Yoruba Appraisal Forum (YAF), has vowed that the Yoruba Nation would resist any attempt to make Yorubaland the base of another #ENDSARS protest.

He claimed that intelligence report suggests that the protesters are bent distablising the country, create chaos and ensure total collapse of government at state and federal level.

Animashuan also claimed that the ENDSARS protesters who are still in custody of arms and ammunition they carted away after looting and burning police stations intend to use the absence of police personnel and other security agencies in strategic areas to unleash violence vowing to resist the use of Yorubaland as base.

In a statement entitled Enough is Enough, in response to EndSars protests in parts of southwest urged security agencies to be rise to the challenge to avoid blood bath, warning that any such unpatriotic moves would have consequences.

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He noted that already southwestern states have lost trillions of naira as a result of the last protest stating the Enough is enough.

“It has come to our notice that those behind the fresh plan for a fresh #EndSARS protest have a more sinister objective of destabilising the Nigerian nation for the selfish political end of their sponsors and paymasters.

“Intelligence reports at our disposal have indicated that the masterminds of this devilish plan are bent on throwing Nigeria into total chaos to hasten the collapse of governments at both the state and Federal levels to enable them to execute their evil plans for the hapless Nigerian people.

“They are planning to take advantage of the absence of police and other security personnel in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, following the violence that attended the October #EndSARS protests, to wreak further havoc throughout the country once again.

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“We’re aware that many of these so called youths and #EndSARS protesters are still in possession of the arms and ammunition they carted away when they attacked and burnt police stations and even killed policemen last October

“Their continued possession of these guns has continued to embolden them in their devilish activities and their current plan for another round of #EndSARS protests so that they can have the opportunity to use these stolen weapons to perpetrate further evil, further looting and killing of more innocent people.

“This is most irresponsible and unpatriotic! The police authorities and other security agencies must act now and waste no time in mopping mop up these weapons still illegally in the hands of these hoodlums. Their sponsored action, we have discovered, is what some renegade political contractors, jobbers and rascals are planning to capitalise on under the guise of youth action to feather their own devilish political nest.

“We, therefore, urge Nigerians, government and security agencies to disregard the disguised antics and plans of these shameless and unpatriotic youths, who lack the due respect for democracy, by taking the appropriate actions against them to nip their evil plans in the bud.

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“On our own part as YAF members, we won’t hesitate to mobilise all our members across Yorubalnd to confront those planning another wave of #EndSARS protests in any part of the South-West.

“Henceforth, we have declared such persons and groups persona non-grata in the entire Yoruba nation. They and their cohorts must, henceforth, not be seen anywhere in our beloved South-West homeland.

“If they refuse to take this our modest advice to desist from their devilish plans and activities in Yorubaland, they should be prepared to face sanctions and consequences as we will no longer fold our hands and allow them and their collaborators to further destroy the economic and social well-being of our people under the guise of expressing grievances against the government.

“Already, South-West has lost properties worth trillions of Naira, not to talk of invaluable human lives, due to the October 20/21, 2020 violence that followed the #EndSARS protests and can no longer afford to lose more to the unpatriotic and evil activities of hoodlums masquerading as fighting the genuine cause of the ordinary Nigerian.”

(Daily Independent)

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