Monday, March 20, 2023


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A friend told us a story of how her mummy called her around 10pm & asked to quickly fry eggs for her. She said she told her mum she was too tired& pleaded with her to allow her fry it in the morning. The mother insisted on eating the egg that night but the lady prevailed& the mother kept quiet over the matter& went to sleep.

Early in the morning, the lady went into the kitchen and fried few eggs& garnished it well. She knocked her mum’s door to serve her the egg and hot tea. There was no answer. She forcefully opened the door & woke the mum up to eat her egg, but alas, the mother was dead!!!

She screamed! She shook her! She shouted, ‘ Mummy!Mummy!, Stand up and eat your egg. I even made hot tea for you with it, mummy I am sorry, ‘ Hot tears rolling down her cheek like a might torrent. It was too late! Her mum was gone!

She said, that scene of that night when her mum was begging her to fry egg for her kept hunting her memory for long. If she had known that, that will be the last meal her mum would asked for and eat from her, she would have never delay in frying it for her that night!

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Dear reader, what ‘eggs’ are you asked to fry and you are saying you will ‘fry’ it tomorrow?. Who do you need to call now or text now or chat now and make peace with and you are saying, ‘No, I will do it tomorrow, next week, when he/she apologises first,etc’. What if you wake up tomorrow and that person is gone!? Or what if you never wake up tomorrow?

Who is God asking you to pray for right now, or Who is God asking you to say a word to, give a gift to right now & you are saying, you will ‘fry’ the egg’ tomorrow morning?. What if you wake up and that opportunity is no more there?

Oh, sinner friend, why can’t you ‘fry this egg’ of salvation tonight? Ask Jesus to come into your heart right now! Tommorow might be too late to ‘fry this egg’!. Do it now!

Is your dad, mum, spouse, children, neighbors calling calling you for help/forgiveness right now & you want to delay till tomorrow before ‘frying the egg’ for him/her/them, what if the opportunity is no more there tomorrow? Gather yourself together, whatever ‘eggs’ you need to ‘fry’ tonight, go ahead and ‘fry’ it! No one can guarantee tomorrow, we only have Now! “Fry the egg” now!

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