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THE MONSTERS YOU MADE ! By Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin

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We shouted ourselves hoarse. This Govt has been on auto pilot for too long. The President is totally removed from the rest of us. The Presidency is on permanent tayintayin mode.

Things will be breaking down, a
single speech by the Pressy will calm things. But all you get is silence.

When last did you see your President visit anywhere in Nigeria. except during political rallies.
When last did you see the President give a speech that is not scripted.

Usually read in flat monotone. All of you paid spokespersons , sponsored PR managers , pretentious vuvuzelas, you have failed. It’s time to pay the price.

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A dynamic Nation with a high youthful demographic needs a dynamic political leadership.

You have been pilling more hardship on this citizenry.

Power , school tuition , tax, fuel, transportation , terrible roads wrecking havoc on our vehicles , kidnappings , high food cost , land use , communal carnage, Boko Haram , it is endless.

Balance this against insane allowances of federal and state legislators, including constituency projects , presidency and state executives mindless enumerations, security votes in a totally insecure society , daily expose of corruption, NDDC NCDC CUSTOMS PHCN NNPC PENSION COMMISION .

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Stinking judiciary. Jailed politicians being released from prison while the system destroys the small man.

The attorney generals sons wedding became armanda of private jets . Sordid image of the Presidents teenage assistant wedding with Presidential jet.

While southern Kaduna burns the President is busy jetting out to resolve the carnage in Mali , passing by the military burial of a young Airforce girl, that became a National icon, without a minute to spare.

See universities. See graduates driving cars to survive. Everybody has become online traders.

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Wastage wastage. We are drawn to tears as we see public officers exposing how trillions are being siphoned under a Govt that says it has the most honest leader.

Is your personal integrity as important as instituting systemic structures to stop the bleeding of our commonwealth.
Meanwhile your cronies and families are bleeding us dry.

Lagos- ibadan express has taken 20 years, still a sorry sight. Badagry express is the prime land gateway to Nigeria, yet it looks like highway to hell!

Chinese taking over our economy , everything we showcase as development is constructed by them.

Till today , power is still a mirage
despite trillion of dollars spent.
Nigeria is jagajaga!

This country is sad. Noodles has become our National cuisine bc it’s the cheapest food. Not minding its health hazard bc of the preservatives in it .

. This government is a monumental failure . It fell far short of the expectations of most of us that gave it deep support at inception. The Presidency is under permanent Valium.

A government spokesperson has to earn his living. But all those semantics and play on words are meaningless now. Horrible product , worse marketers.

The genie is out of the bottle. The monsters you made are prowling the streets. Who are you going to arrest.

This uprising took its momentum from the beer parlors , garages, universities , farmlands , who are you going to arrest.

Send the soldiers that failed to kill Boko Haram to kill the kids ?
The monsters you made are prowling the streets blocking them from your siren intimidating convoys.

Imagine politicians contesting under three parties with a couple of weeks to elections. Bastardized democracy.

Why not ? Aren’t we seeing spectacle of anti party at the highest level of political leadership. A new low in our political history.

Bishops screaming pay tithes and offerings as families are burying their dead from the virus.

A nation in decay. Who are you going to imprison now. How are you going to stop this uprising?

Yes phones are going to ring in Aso Rock until they become un chargeable. It is bc people are deaf and dumb inside.

Nigeria is jagjaga!

TSAS became the battle cry by chance.
Since you don’t know what exactly the street is demanding now how are you going to find solution.

Nysc go back to camp ( designed to get some of the youths off the streets). Lecturers to be paid their allowances( they will use it to offset personal debts) Professors have been borrowing to survive! What about pensioners who have been dying lining up for their meagre stipends.

Meanwhile, a Rep goes home with 29m in a month!

Despite the fact that the Presidency , Senate and House of Rep are in the hands of the same party , there’s still no moral courage to cut down the astronomical cost of running this behemoth called Presidential system of Government.

Why am I making myself so sad this morning.

This country nah wah o!
Major routes in the country are closed. You can’t fly , you can’t travel. Inner cities are crushed with traffic snarls. Nigerians are cursing each other in gridlocks. A Nation of very angry frustrated souls of all demographics.

Ok who is going to bell the cat now.
We warned warned warned.
Are you going to send the soldiers out of the barracks to kill and maim?

We always said it will not get better until it gets worse.
It’s a nightmare now.

Lekki tollgate. Abuja city gate, will become permanent optics on the eventual liberation of this country.

I am 67 years old. And I’ve never been sadder at the state of my fatherland.

No solution in sight.
The night still promises to be darker.
The dawn still looks like a mirage.
I can’t promise my grand children anything.
God pls heal this land.
I’m done.
@sorosoke. W.

tunde alabi-hundeyin

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