Saturday, April 1, 2023


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The drafting of all Constitution in modern day Nigeria had the input and influence of the following persons amongst other: Professor Ben Nwanbueze – South East, Chief Rotimi Williams – South West and Alhaji Maitama Sule – North. None ever mentioned secession or restructuring at the Constitution Drafting Committee level . Then one man is now shouting that he will not die until he sees Atiku elected as President and is shouting restructuring. Pa Ayo Adebanjo, at 91 years old , is ready to die to achieve restructuring.

What is restructuring?

I am interested in this topic because Christian leaders have taking over from politicians to mouth and instigate members to become stupid mouthing restructuring because the President is from the North. They should leave their pulpit and join politics so we can join issues with “thee in the name of the Lord” & they should be ready to chop insults.

From the first word in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as altered) to the last word, where therein is the President empowered to in any manner howsoever, entitled to, or legally empowered to order or commence the process to secure the Order to restructure Nigeria or grant seccesion to any region or State? No where!

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So why the noise that M.Buhari should restructure the Country? Have you ever heard any Senator or House of Representatives member mention secession or restructuring on the floor of the National Assembly? Have you heard any Senator from the South East mention Biafra on the floor of the National Assembly?

Pa Ayo Adebanjo who makes statements calling for restructuring and adds, “l am ready to die ” after criticising the President is 91 years old and knows that it is not within the President’s powers to restructure Nigeria. Like his brother, Pa Edwin Clark, why did they not mention restructuring when OBJ/ GEJ were Presidents of Nigeria? I believe in restructuring. The North were the first to demand for secession until President Azikiwe pleaded with Northern leaders for over 4 hours on his feet to avoid secession. The President is not the enemy. Politics is local. Stop hounding the President with stupid demands for secession or restructuring. Do the needful.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been amended 3 times by the National Assembly — 3 times in a civilian Government by our Representatives in the National Assembly yet people still think that the Constitution is a contraption given to us by the Military. Were those amendments given to us by the Military? Our Representatives have ratified that constitution, and inspite of these amendments, the National Assembly has never mentioned (a) Resource control (b) state police (c) restructuring in the amendments. Not once!

Those clamouring for restructuring should sponsor a bill in the National Assembly and stop masturbating foolishly on social media. Religious bodies should sponsor Bills in the National Assembly and stop using the pulpit to spew garbage.

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There is an erroneous belief that the North stands to suffer from restructuring. Don”t be deceived. Our brothers from the South East , South South and SouthWest have billions in investment in the North. The North is not that desert you imagine. Our brothers in the North need the South to flourish in their enterprises.

Let’s focus more on our Representatives in the National Assembly. Demand accountability and performance. This Constitution should be further amended to reflect the yearnings of all regions . The President has no constitutional powers to suo moto amend the Constitution. Force your representatives to do the needful when next they come from Abuja with new vehicles and into new houses built from procceds of corruption, flog them naked in the village market square.

From Aigg Giwa-Amu

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