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Officer Speaks on #EndSars End Police Brutality in Nigeria

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So a Compatriot who is serving in the Nigerian Police got in touch with Kayode Ogundamisi who tweeted from twitter handle @ogundamisi . The officer requested that the publication of the conversation, which lasted 30 minutes plus on @telegram app.

Read below:

For safety I, @Ogunfamisi will keep the name of the @PoliceNG officer out out. Hoping @NGRPresident and the Police can take note and verify independently.

1. The extortion of members of the public including #SARS is not with the @PoliceNG personnel on the road, it is institutional.

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2. He claims @PoliceNG Commissioner’s embezzles security vote meant for the upkeep of operational officers. Police divisions are meant to get welfare funds but it never trickles down to low ranking officers who now buy their own uniform, fuel car from funds extorted from public

3. Every @PoliceNG operational team on checkpoints, raids makes a targeted KPI weekly monetary return to their commanders, DPO’s and HOD’s who in turn makes return to the CP of the State or the CP in-charge of the unit. These CP’s makes return to IGP. The PMF is not exempted.

4. The posting of Squadron Commanders is not by merit. They all make returns monthly by deducting money meant for their boys on special duties (Security covers for Celebrities, rich individuals, escorting night bus for transport companies, securing social party, banks and others.

5. He Advised the Nigerian government to immidiatly ban @PoliceNG officers from operational “stop any arrest” based on expiration of driving or vehicle license as it is a money making scheme. The VIO or @FRSCNigeria should focus on this and transfer cases to police if need be.

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6. @PoliceNG is highly commercialised from top to bottom, funds budgeted do not go to the rank and file, police equipment are meant to be repaired but long abandoned and they get votes every year, officers simply look for funds outside of the force to survive and live.

7. “I have a Phd and head a @PoliceNG tactical unit, myself and my unit work with pains and bitterness because they work under pressure to give returns to those above and nothing for them. I can not stop the boys so I lecture part time to make up for my upkeep. The rot is huge”

8. “They should probe training funds, they should ask why @PoliceNG officers have to bribe to go on study leave. If you do not have a godfather you can not go on essential trainings, when you go you pay back part of your allowance to the admin team in the office”

9. .@PoliceNG get international supports for training officers, when the slot comes, you never hear anything, all international courses are shielded in secrecy and you only see privileged people go, office based staff are sent for tactical command weapons training abroad.

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10 The problem of @PoliceNG is not just about fund, it is about accountability, a wholistic probe into the existing funds and then reform.

An average constable drives an expensive car when a DSP who chose to be honest walks on foot, the moral is low within the service.

11. High Returning Divisions: There is a division in Abia State called Ndiegoro Divisional Police Station and Eziama Divisional Police Station. Personnel of these stations just like SARS situated at Aba North LGA goes around on mini buses (Suzuki Every) with POS machines.

12. 👆🏿 Every young guy on dread or rugged Jean is a fraudster or suspected kidnapper. A certain Bishop and a police man called Malaysia in Eziama division takes people on gunpoint to ATM and push them out of vehicles late night. These bad officers can be located by @PoliceNG

13. 👆🏿Anyone entering ABA late night is at risk. These men have been reported on many occasions but only asked to refund the money and nothing happens. The reason they are invincible is becouse senior @PoliceNG officers get returns, to stop the rot, start from the head.

14. 👆🏿Ohuru-Isimiri Division in OBINGWA LGA is a nightmare to tricycle and motorcycles riders. You can visit to ask members of the public about all these stations in Aba. What happens in Aba is replicated across the other @PoliceNG divisions across the country.

15. The public are also part of the problem of @PoliceNG When officers do gallant jobs, we are seeing as just doing our job, even when we lose officers. Nigerians have made up their mind that we are all corrupt so even those who want to be honest ask why should they bother.

16. The public must fight for @PoliceNG officers, do you know we rations ammunitions and guns, the weapons we use against robbers with automatic weapons are outdates, when did anyone offer to visit a police station or barrack to see how we live.

17. If #EndsSARS or #EndPoliceBrutality is to be successful, the reform must include speaking with officers who do the dirty work, right now everyone is having a conversation about us but no one is talking to us. Police are Nigerians too, we have to build trust with ourselves.

18. Those talking about @PoliceNG by officers on the streets should check how much a sergeant is paid, not to talk of a constable, you can not pay an officer 59 Thousand Naira a month, he buys uniform from it, transport and feed family and you expect the best from him.

19. The number of @PoliceNG officers is very small, even if you reform, the number we have can not deliver the kind of magic Nigerians want the police to give. The people should not be anti police and separate the bad from the good.

20. I am telling you that the @PoliceNG officers adopted by some States who pay them extra are doing very well, crime is low and they are dedicated. Nigeria should withdraw police on ‘special duties’ with VIP and those with money and influence.

21. The Abayi divisional police officer recently assaulted a lady sexually and detained her for stealing his money. Let the CP investigate him. Let all SARS personnel be sent back to Police Colleges and Training Schools.


By Kayode Ogundamisi @ogundamisi

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