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UI lecturer insists VC is manipulating selection of New Vice Chancellor

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A lecturer at the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Professor Ademola Omobewaji Dasylva has again accused the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Professor Idowu Olayinka for manipulating the process leading to the selection of the new Vice Chancellor of the institution.

No fewer than eighteen Professors have indicated interest to succeed Olayinka whose tenure expired in November this year. The new Vice Chancellor is expected to assume office on December 1st this year.

Our correspondent recalls that Dasylva had earlier accused Olayinka of manipulating the election of two Senate representatives held on 21st September 2020.

Dasylva has again accused Olayinka of planting one of his loyalists, Professor Kayode Adebowale, the current Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) as the next Vice-Chancellor of the 72-year-old university.

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The aggrieved lecturer in a letter addressed to the Chairman, Governing Council, University of Ibadan, through the Registrar and Secretary to Council, University of Ibadan, insisted that the process and conduct of the selection of the two Senate representatives were compromised technically and fraught with procedural improprieties.

Dasylva in the letter made available to media noted that the selection which was fraudulent was an attempt by Olayinka to by all means, imposed Adebowale as the next Vice-Chancellor of the institution.

In another petition, entitled “Re- Petition against the Election of Senate Representatives on the Selection Board held on 21 September, 2020: Objection to the Emergency Senate Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, 8 October, 2020”, Dasylva alleged that Olayinka, who is also the Chairman of Senate, has already shown evidence of bias and prejudice to support Adebowale as the next Vice Chancellor of the institution.

He said, “Sir, recall that on 22 September 2020, I forwarded to you and to the members of the University of Ibadan Governing Council a petition with the above-stated title. Since then, I have been looking forward to your response and/or intervention. About noon of Friday, 2 September, 2020, I received an internal memo from the Registrar in acknowledgment of receipt of my petition to the Governing Council through you as Chairman. The memo also added that, “the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council has directed that Senate should look into the matter and report accordingly.”

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“I addressed the petition to the Governing Council with the awareness and understanding that, procedurally, the Council has its designated Committee that attends to petitions. Therefore, the question of directing the Vice-Chancellor or the Senate to look into the matter should not arise. Put differently, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council cannot devolve the powers to deal with the petition solely meant for the Governing Council to the Senate. An official matter of grave importance and magnitude such as this should remain a Governing Council matter as the petition was intended to be.

“As the Returning Officer in the Election of which the process and conduct were allegedly compromised technically, fraught with procedural improprieties, as well as lacking in transparency, the Registrar is implicated in the petitions. Also implicated in my petition is the Vice-Chancellor who has not hidden his desperation to install, by all means, Prof. Adebowale, one of the aspirants and the current Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Admin.) as the next Vice-Chancellor. All the people mentioned in my petition are the Vice-Chancellor’s foot soldiers. They are the ones strategically positioned to ensure that the process is compromised in favour of Prof. Adebowale, an aspirant, and the Vice-Chancellor’s anointed candidate.

“The petition is technically against the proceedings, action and inaction of the Electoral Committee of the Senate of which the Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman. This is because the Senate is the body that conducted the election and its members were the electorates that voted, including the Vice-Chancellor himself. Accordingly, it is legally and logically right to assume that ‘all members’ of Senate are interested parties. Therefore, the petition can only be entertained and addressed by disinterested parties, and I find that in the Council, not Senate. It was on this understanding and consideration that I ab initio sent my petition to Council, not Senate”.

But, Director of Public Communication at the university, Mr. Olatunji Oladejo when contacted said that he was not aware of the petition. Olatunji in a telephone conversation with DAILY POST on Tuesday said, “I am not aware of the letter. I am not aware”

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