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RE: Chief Ebenezer Babatope on Fayose’s Position that Chief Bode George should retire

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I read what Chief Ebenezer Babatope said concerning Fayose’s comment that Chief Bode George should take advisory role in Lagos State PDP, and it got me thinking.

Chief Babatope said; “I heard him and I’m so sorry about what Ayo Fayose, a young boy who still has many years in front of him was saying, attacking Bode George, who is a national figure we can count on in this country today. Bode George has been my friend for a very long time and I don’t think he deserves an insult from Fayose. He once said he doesn’t want to see any of us who is above 70 years old in the PDP; forgetting that he will soon clock 70 and those coming behind him will say the same to him. That is life for you. Whether Fayose likes it or not, he is going to pass through our age. If he is not careful, he will be laying a curse upon himself by utter disrespect and disregard for elders.”

First, Iet me reiterate that Fayose did not disrespect Chief Bode George, he only said the truth. At 75, Chief Bode George should take a rest.

Also, Chief Babatope’s reference to Ayo Fayose as a YOUNG BOY is not only funny, but ridiculous. It shows the mindset of our elders concerning those of us that are younger than them.

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Fayose that will be 60 next month is a YOUNG BOY according to Chief Ebenezer Babatope! Laffmatazzz.

*If to Chief Ebenezer Babatope, Fayose is a young boy, so what are people like us? Toodlers I guess.*

Now to the main issue, let me state that Fayose that I know won’t be going about dragging positions with anyone at 75.

If at 75, Ayodele Fayose goes about dragging political positions with his children’s age mates, there will definitely be people who will tell him what he is telling the likes of Chief Bode George now.

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In this part of the world, we get so beclouded by political sentiments that we don’t reason beyond personalities.

Fayose said what the youths of nowadays should be telling those who were in charge of our existence 40 years ago and are still directing our affairs today.

In 2012 that Chief Ebenezer Babatope contested PDP National Secretary, he was 69, he is now 77.

In 2016, Chief Ebenezer Babatope was 73 and he still wanted to be PDP National Secretary.

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Mind you, in 1980 (40 years ago), Chief Ebenezer Babatope was Director of Organisation of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN).

In 2001, (19 years ago), Chief Bode George was PDP Deputy National Chairman. A child born that time is now of voting age, yet, the same Bode George wants to be National Chairman at 75!

The same Bode George was governor of old Ondo State when some of us were in Primary and Secondary schools.

A child that was born when Chief Bode George was made Military Governor of old Ondo State will be 32 year-old now.

Sadly, for reason of political sentiments, some of us will not see reason those who called us leaders of tomorrow over 40 years ago are still dragging positions with us.


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