Friday, March 24, 2023


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(Adebola Fashanu)

I remember when I first began to put up my posts on BBN Season 5 #LockdownEdition.

I started watching the programme from week 2, firstly because my daughter was watching it and I wanted to have an idea of why she was watching it ESPECIALLY as my generation was always making such a hue and cry about the programme not having any good moral values and positive content. Secondly because I ALWAYS like to form my own opinion about issues, based not on what people say or feel BUT on my own perceptions and conclusions after due investigation.

As I began to follow the episodes, I discovered that:
1. The programme had more depth than had been previously portrayed by the generality of our society ESPECIALLY my generation.

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2. The Programme is not just Entertaining BUT also very Educative and Enlightening for not just the HMs but also for the viewers.

3. The programme is a form of a Sociological/Psychological Experiment/Exercise. If you ask me, the Diary Room Sessions were serious ‘Therapy’ Sessions, where a lot of hitherto suppressed emotions, feelings and experiences of the HMs were being dealt with. Like peeling off layers of an Onion.

4. The HMs were made to participate in various Challenges, Tasks and Sports activities which involved Mental, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional energy.

5. The HMs had to learn about Leadership and Followership skills AND Teamwork and about their Country NIGERIA as well as other Countries.

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6. The HMs had to learn that there is always a reward for hard work AND learnt to drop the sense of entitlement mentality. They learnt that NON of the sponsors owed them any rewards and so should appreciate whatever reward sponsors decided to give to them per time.

7. The HMs learnt about social interactions, loyalty, the importance of having each other’s backs…. etc.

I could go on and on…
BUT the most important lesson I learnt was that we are a very hypocritical and judgemental society ESPECIALLY my generation. I discovered that many who are complaining about the programme are either:

1. Secretly watching the few salacious moments which to me amount to barely 1% of the programme. Parts where the HMs are acting how normal people their age/our children’s age would.

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2. Not watching the programme at all but exercising the Herd mentality of passing judgement on what they know absolutely nothing about.

What amuses me most about the people complaining about BBN is that this is a generation that rocked and danced to raunchy Donna Summer songs like ‘LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY, Marvin Gaye’s songs ‘SEXUAL HEALING, LET’S GET IT ON’ etc, like their lives depended on it amongst so many other songs too numerous to mention. Why do we all try to act like we never had our youthful experiences. Why are we stifling our youths from learning to grow their own wings. When will we come down from our self imposed sanctimonious hypocrisy. Making judgemental criticism of what we have never sat down to watch.

Kudos to all my friends who were bold enough to not just watch BUT say that they watched BBN Season5 #LockdownEdition.
Kudos to those who refused to join the hypocritical bandwagon.

Have the critics of the programme ever sat down to wonder why so many big and very popular brands and even the lesser known ones, were rushing to sponsor Tasks and Challenges, on the programme. Did they bother to watch the HMs when preparing for these Tasks/Challenges. Did any of them see the sweat and tears the HMs put into trying to succeed at whatever challenges and Tasks they were given.

May the Lord deliver us from the spirit of hypocrisy, as a Nation. Many parents are out of sync with the reality of what is happening in their children’s lives. The average age of the HMs is 25 to 30. Squarely within the range of our children’s ages. We better wake up and smell the Coffee. We need to stop pretending we were born angelsπŸ™„

To me BBN is a very great Youth Empowerment Vessel. We need to stop using our ANALOGUE minds to relate with our MILLENNIAL/GENERATION Z children. You cannot put New Wine in old wine skins. Your reality is not their own.

All said and done Laycon for me is the real Koko. The David standing strong in the midst of all the Goliaths. Highly intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge and always willing to share his knowledge. A Southpaw like me and highly talented. I am not voting BUT he has earned my respect over and over again.
LAYCON for the N85m +

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