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Yoruba: A Great Nation We Are by Oni Gbadebo

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The distinct nature of the Yoruba race is their ontological fort built with knowledge, gumption and discernment, which excel Yoruba in politics, business, human relations and academics without empty arrogance or noise. That is why Yoruba don’t engage in strength without reasoning, we don’t threat without readiness, we don’t launch without arsenal. We don’t argue without points or evidence.

This is the reason other ethnic groups marvel at how Yoruba win wars using the philosophy of Art of War. To Yoruba wars are not won in the battle field or by empty display of strength but in strategic and tactical planning room after consultations, assessment or arsenal and preparation.

The resounding victory recorded in June 12, over herdsmen/kidnappers, formation of association by instituting Amotekun are credence to our acumen, diligence and epistemic excellence. Whoever wants to die because of defending our land is free. If a child is kidnapped in Yoruba land it’s more than 200 children in other zones. We invest on our children here.

We are not cowards as braggers said because Fajuyi won’t have received bullets for another man from another ethnic group all because of loyalty. No other way to display the readiness of Yoruba to lead the nation than what Obafemi Awolowo did during regional governent. Till date south west is a model for others to envy despite the Nigeria status.

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I am here to say we are singled out to rule but not by empty show of strength. Things often fall on pleasant places for us because we always wait for the weakness of our enemies to consume them before we nail the coffin. Even whenever we have enemies from within we always know how to treat their betrayal acts: Ebenezer Babatope, Arisekola Alao, Fani Kayode Senior are samples and FFK is about to join the league. Our method of leadership is not concentrated as ignorants assumed, we raise leaders according to situation at hand, that is why our leadership is classified under the following:
1. Political leadership
2. Traditional leadership
3. Economic leadership
4. Aged or Eldership leadership
5. Intellectual Leadership

Many ethnic groups hate Tinubu simply because he is chosen as political leader, they don’t know that despite Tinubu’s Political physic he won’t opt to be Ooni of Ife. Ooni won’t try to be governor etc. Even Gani Adams has his place if need be we ask him for rescue, if that is what remains. Money has it’s place in Yoruba land but not worshiped, religion has it’s space but not fanatical one. Husband can be Muslim and wife a Redeem Pastor and children are given both religion names. I salute our civilized conduct.

Yoruba is as organised as kingdom of termites with overlapping responsibilities without conflict. We argue like Greek epicurean philosophers to arrive at flawless decision that is in tandem with time and occasion. We resolve with scientific precision and respect each leader with what is due to them. We don’t have religion clashes because we have gone beyond shallow superstition but we respect humanity and value life. Yoruba will never pick guns to defend any God, No, we wont.

We have never been afraid of division of Nigeria neither have we agitated for it because we know that head or tail we are winners. If it happens we have template, not by gragra. Abundant human resources with value, natural resources untapped, connection to the outside world with enviable record. Chief Obafemi Awolowo is our Socrates, Wole Soyinka is our Homer, we have our Cicero in many lawyers therefore our Greek and Athens are in making.

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Yoruba, a great nation I belong.

Oni Gbolabo

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