Saturday, April 1, 2023


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We view with rude shock, the viral video of the private conversation between Prince Buruji Kashamu and Chief Kessington Adebutu (a.k.a Baba Ijebu), which was obviously released on the social media by Chief Adebutu.

To say the least, the act of releasing the video was not only cheeky but also petty and clearly exposed Chief Adebutu as inhuman, self-centred, desperate and ungodly. There is a Yoruba saying that “it is saddening if you meet an elder where you are supposed to meet a child, and very shameful if you meet stupidity where you are supposed to meet sense”.

It is really encouraging that such condemnable behavior by a supposed Odole of Ile Ife instantly drew serious condemnation by Nigerians on all social media platforms, notwithstanding, we would want to ask Adebutu if the video was a confirmation of another Yoruba’s proverb that “the wizard cried yesterday and the child died today, who does not know that it’s the wizard’s cry of yesterday that killed the child”?

Prince Buruji Kashamu took ill from Abuja where he went to sign terms of settlement with National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). That was the sickness that took him in, after he had tested negative twice to Covid-19. From his sick bed, he made a phone call to the person he probably suspected to be behind his ordeal. It was a voice call. But while answering the voice call, the old man got someone else to video-record the conversation without the knowledge of his caller. Prince Kashamu was begging the old Adebutu and promising to do everything to placate him, including handing over and signing his (Kashamu’s) lottery business to Adebutu.

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Adebutu, knew Kashamu was calling from hospital bed, yet he showed no pity. He made a passive “God will forgive all of us” comment but was still asking about Kashamu’s sincerity and thereafter ordered him to go and withdraw all the court cases against him and his lottery company, cases that he, Adebutu, despite his influence peddling and humongous ill-gotten wealth could not legally dismantled.

The release of the video, to us, is as actually a diving intervention to expose the evil and devilish deeds of this family and to warn people who come into contact with them, more so as they plan to annex Ogun State to their collapsing business empire.

Kashamu begged for forgiveness from his sick bed, vowed to support the governorship ambition of the spoilt-child of the family, but all to no avail as we could see in the conversation and body language of the Old Adebutu in the video. What a life! At what age?!

It is also revealing that Prince Kashamu maintained repeatedly in the conversation that he did not do anything against Adebutu and mentioned one Segun (Adebutu’s son) as a witness to several efforts he made to work with and carry Adebutu along.

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It was too late “Baba Ijebu” has made up his mind as we could see him playing God in the video. We really thank God for exposing “Baba Ijebu” and his action and disposition bordering on inhuman and beastly feeling tallies with that of his friend and in-law OBJ who also made a disrespectful and despicable comment in the name of condolence letter. We now know the nexus.

We are by this repeating our warning to Ogun State people to stay clear and far away from the Adebutu family in their own interest.

Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu has played his part and left. Yes, the mass of people at his burial attest to his work, no matter what anyone may want to say. The hecklers and those gloating should even pray they have such gathering of people at their death. That’s even if they think they will ever die.

The body of Kashamu could be killed but his soul lives on.

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Ibrahim Odunuga
Voice of the People
Ota, Ogun State

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