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On Kayode Ajulo’s commitment to humanity

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WITH his status and the influence he wields in the society, only cynics would make attempt to underrate the personality of an upwardly mobile and cerebral lawyer, Dr. Olukayode Abraham Ajulo who is better known as Kayode Ajulo, because his towering image readily dwarfs any untoward mischief anyone might want to play with it.

The former Board Chairman of Ondo State Radio vision Corporation, OSRC, Ajulo boasts of a profile that is no doubt intimidating. As a partisan politician, Ajulo also sure can hold his own any day, even as a former Senatorial candidate and one time National Secretary of Labour Party.

For his impressive run in the legal profession, the Abuja based graduate of the University of Jos was years back decorated as B’amofin of Akure land while his contributions to the development of Yoruba race fetched him the title of Mayegun Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, among other honors in his kitty.

While many wonder what the secret of his success is, Ajulo’s ability to be adamantly undistracted has been discovered to be a factor among his strengths. As the next governorship election in Ondo State brews, based on the influence he wields as a notable and popular politician whose image is not tainted but eminently qualified, Kayode has had to cope with calls, political visits and all from various quarters to lure him into the contest.

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In as many times as he’s been touted to be gunning for elective office or the other, he’s not failed to echo it that he’s committed to making his footprint on the sand of time, as far as the legal profession is concerned, and by extension make a greater impact as a humanitarian.

Source- the nation

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