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BUA, Dangote, Stop The War!

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By Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada,

Trade war is not good for every investment. If it cannot be settled by a court of law, it can be settled by the Chief Executives of the two companies.

There is no advantage or gain in any trade war, rather than the damage such a war will cause to the companies involved.

The BUA, Dangote trade war is uncalled for and unnecessary. There is no dispute that cannot be resolved. Trade war between the duo can be be resolved amicably if the two business moguls will sheath their swords and drop their ego.

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The most unfortunate thing is they came from the same state. Abdussamad Rabiu and Aliko Dangote are both from an influential family in Kano.

Abdussamad that we fondly referred to as BUA, is the son of a business tycoon and Islamic scholar, Late Khalifa Sheikh Isiyaka Rabiu. His father has played a significant role in the development of Islamic education in the North.

Sheikh Isiyaka Rabiu was the Khalifa of Tijjaniya in Nigeria before his demise. He was a business man of esteemed repute.

Like Rabiu, Aliko Dangote came from the influential Alhassan Dantata family. His mother, Hajiya Mariya Dantata is the daughter of renowned business mogul Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, the father of Aminu Alhassan Dantata, her brother.

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Both BUA and Dangote are of the same tribe, religion and are native of the same state. If the court cannot resolved their case with each party accepting the judgement given, they can be called to order by elders from the North.

The Northern Elders Forum should wade in here. It is not only on matters that affect governance they should intervene. This is also another economic dispute between two influential Northerners we are all proud of.

I know, the duo are people of high moral background. But their ego will not be an obstacle in listening the word of elders. The trade war between them is not only ridiculing them, but is affecting their businesses.

I had a discussion with a renowned Professor this evening. In my two to three hours chat with him, as a professor of strategic communication, he listed three damages that the war is causing to the businesses of BUA and Dangote.

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Investment damage, management damage and customer relations damge.

Many people will be afraid of investing in their companies with this rift. The management of their companies will be busy discussing the same matter, wasting time not focusing in their other investments. The attention of the management will be divided and distracted with the legal rift.

On customer relations damage, this is the worst side where competitors in the market will work hard and win the heart of their customers. The legal tussle that has been taking place for years is causing more damage than good for both BUA and Dangote.

Not in Edo alone, can’t either BUA or Abdussamad drop their ego and face their other businesses or is it the only business opportunity at their hand?

The court judgement is in favour of BUA, erecting barricades at the entrance of the mines by Dangote had prevented BUA’s vehicles from operating at the sites, even after a Federal High Court in Benin recently granted the company rights over the Obu mines in Okpella.

Dangote should appeal the judgement accordingly but engaging in such an illegal tactics is lack of respect for the rule of law.

BUA said it would institute contempt proceedings against Dangote, the rule of law is the pillar and foundation of every democracy. No one is above the law no matter how influential that person is.

Once again, BUA, Dangote, Stop the war please!

Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada is a Multimedia Journalist with Politics Digest and Manager of PR Nigeria Centre in Kano.

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