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Oshiomole suspension; matters arising…

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By Godwin Onoghokere

Etsako West LGA, Oshiomhole’s base, is “ward 10”.

That “Ward 10” has 25 executive members.

That “ward 10” was fractionalized, having “18 members” against “7 members”.

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The “18 members” were in support of Mr Adams Oshiomhole while “7 members” in the camp of Mr Obaseki (the Gov) were against Mr Oshiomhole.

The Chairman of the “ward 10” is Mr Steven Oshawo who has the support of “7 members”.

Mr Steven Oshawo with the collaboration of the “7 members” suspended Mr Adams Oshiomhole from “ward 10” as APC member and national chairman, which was instigated by the state Gov Mr Obaseki.

The Oshiomhole camp of “18 members” were not carried along when this suspension happened.

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Subsequently, the “18 members” suspended the “ward 10” chairman Mr Steven Oshawo.

How can 7 out of 25 executive membership suspend the national chairman Adams Oshiomhole?

Does the 7 executive members form any quorum out of the 25 executive membership?

And curiously, was the Nigerian court never verified the actual numbers that carried out this suspension order on the national chairman?

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~ Godwin Onoghokere

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