Monday, March 20, 2023


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By Adeola Soetan

To get power and public fund, Comrade Crook can do anything and everything, including sacrificing his name and integrity, if any is still left.

Four years ago, Comrade Crook unleashed a certificate forger (according to him, now), whom he publicly anointed as the best brain behind his 8 years tenure as governor.

He made Obaseki a governor despite the fact that Comrade Crook knew he forged some of his certificates. Can you imagine that and he would come out to shout “Integrity! Integrity!”?

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Against the possibility of an Iyamu’s poll victory as PDP candidate, Comrade Crook created a strange Boko Haram scare for the election to be postponed so that he could perfect and oil his rigging and terror machine for Obaseki to cover his track.

“Ize-Iyamu was a cultist, rogue and a thief not worthy of being appointed into any board by me.” Comrade Crook publicly declared during campaigns to desperately install a rogue, certificate forger.

After Comrade left office, bags of corruption allegations and blind stealing of Edo Bread were made against him with pictures, account details and other documents as evidence by a whistle blower, Bishop Edopkolor, who sent all documents with a sworn affidavit to the EFCC and was very ready to prove his case.

As usual and expected, the EFCC never looked into the allegations because Comrade Crook is the National Chairman of Baba Seriki Integrity’s party.

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It has been the EFCC’s tradition since inception; a dog does not bite his owner and the owner’s favoured friends when they are still useful.

The rogue ‘opposition’ party, PDP, couldn’t shout that Oshibobo should be investigated because their own ex- Edo baker, Lucky, also looted Edo Bakery dry.

The incumbent governor couldn’t look into the allegation of mouth opening looting made against his godfather because he has a certificate skeleton in his cupboard, which his godfather knew.

A certificate forger has no moral right to probe a looter or else, “Gongo a so (alarm will blow)”

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Now that the rogue and heady certificate forger is out of tune with his crooked godfather, the Comrade has turned to another rogue, he called a cultist and a thief, Iyamu, to be anointed.

The question I always ask myself is how is the Comrade going to campaign before Edo people for a thief, a cultist and a rogue?

Some have said “that’s politics and no morality in Nigerian politics.” Politics? That sounds STUPID! Anyway, votes hardly count in Nigeria.

If Obaseki decamps to PDP as being speculated, then ultimately, the choice before Edo people may be to choose between a certificate forger and a thief, both manufactured by an experienced crook.

It doesn’t matter to rogue politicians when power to loot public fund is the issue.

Obaseki must be naive or insincere to believe that Oshibobo fought godfatherism in Edo State. He never did. Rather, he negotiated with them for survival and space to grow and become another godfather.

The Comrade, himself, once said in a newspaper interview, which I read that his first cabinet was decided right in Chief Tony Anenih’s house for peace to reign.

And on AIT live coverage of an event when Dokpesi referred to Bamaga Tukur as his godfather, Oshibobo, then as Governor, also openly called Anenih (present at the event) his own godfather before reading his speech at the event.

Till he left office, Osibobo never rocked the boat with the Igbinedion clan because they were part of his big sponsors.

Please forget his loud noise about fighting godfathers, he never did. A budding godfather cannot fight godfathers when he too, is aspiring to be a godfather. The truth has come out now.

By the way, if truly Oshibobo fought godfatherism, Obaseki would not have been picked by his party, APC, and subsequently became governor, because Oshibobo single-handedly unleashed him on the party despite the fact that he knew about his “jankariwo” certificate.

In all this, and whatever the outcome of the rogue politicking going on, I think Comrade Crook will be the worst loser. Loser of his name and integrity which he had worked hard to build as a hard fighting labour leader but now a crooked politician of anything goes when political power and access to public fund is the goal.

Lastly, have you noticed that they are not fighting themselves over polices, programne implementation on education, health, roads, unemployment and other social issues that affect an average Edo man and woman?

That is not their interest and it cannot be an issue. Government in Nigeria is mostly about propaganda and looting, real governance takes about 20%.

It’s about Edo Bread and the control of the Edo Bakery for greedy self and group interest.

As it is happening in Edo State, so is it happening in other states.

We are yet to see nothing if the system of political gangsterism continues.

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