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The ”isepe” coalition By Babatunde Opoola

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Events from some quarters in the past few days indicate that a coalition of aggrieved political actors are grouping against the Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq. The perceived thinking of the proponents of this coalition is that the governor wants to subvert the party.
Given the fear of what an incumbent governor could use its position to do against a party opposed to it, the proponents of this coalition idea believed to have concluded that a unified opposition could take on Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq.
But this coalition is suspect. Coming barely one year after the inception of the current administration in Kwara State. Not minding the tremendous achievements of the AbdulRazaq’s administration in its first year, the desperation to get at AbdulRazaq at all cost probably is being directed from another angle via this fable of coalition.
Interestingly, the sins of AbdulRazaq is not about performance but political patronage.
The truth is that there are other groups equally important and critical to the success of the APC in Kwara State. There are some in the background whose contributions are not visible to the public.
Technically, the members or leaders of this coalition have shut themselves out of recognition from the governor. They know that, because it is impolitic to expect any olive branch from the governor after such diatribe of “Isepe.”
It amounts to political hypocrisy to expect any bridge building again. That meeting held by the coalition with the diatribe amounts to burning the Rubicon after crossing the bridge. Definitely, a battle line has been drawn. Meaning that the party leaders have no trust and confidence in the Akande Reconciliation Committee inaugurated by the National Secretariat of the APC.
The “iroko and isepe” similarity does not obtain in the present Kwara. AbdulRazaq’s shortcomings do not include non-performance, fraud, political victimisation or insensitivity to the yearnings of the Kwara people. it is on account of a selfish agenda that the subterranean move to devalue the government of AbdulRazaq by this coalition has become odious.
Like I have always said in most writings, most party members against AbdulRazaq are yet to redeem themselves of the illusion they have worked themselves into. Thinking they made AbdulRazaq and have majority following. That’s just an illusion of grandeur. Nobody can lay claim to having made AbdulRazaq, only the people can lay such claims. It is better we all remain patient. Only the recalcitrant who are suffering from a kind of psychosis will ultimately make a final plunge politically.
I could be wrong, but I have the confidence that the grass roots which determine the destiny of politicians in a democracy will reject this coalition of aggrieved party leaders.
This brings me to the main political intercourse. The forthcoming local government election. According to the meeting, the coalition want to use the local government election to actualize its dream and the vehicle to actualize its agenda of devaluing the popularity of the governor and government.
AbdulRazaq had been patented in the image of a weak man, reason for the garrulous statement from Akogun, describing him as ” Isepe,” a weakling. However, it is a fallacy in the undue comparation with the positive impact of this government in the last 365 days. Thus, the Ahmed or Bukola similarity does not obtain in the present Kwara.
The die is cast, this coalition in their malancholy, are on a special adventure for which there is no guiding maps and reassuring precedence. They’re fighting against the rhetorics of a lifetime.

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