Saturday, April 1, 2023


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Hello guys It’s your girl Deborah aka Sekani, I welcome you all to another episode of Relationship talk with Debby and I hope we all gained 1 or 2 things from the last episode….

Taking it from where we stopped, a relationship is not something we rush into, we observe first to pick who we get connected to.

Starting a new relationship with your partner…things will be so funny, cute, and sometimes perfect coz we never see the frustrating and the annoying part of it because the relationship is still new and fresh your partner tends to reply messages or calls immediately.

But here is my advice for everyone who just started a relationship with their partner there are some things we need to know to make things smooth which are:

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You don’t just disclose much to your partner when the relationship just started; you’ve to take things slowly and let it be reciprocal not that one will be the talker and the other person will not share his or her own story. With this, you start feeling more connected day by day. there is this passion and attraction that comes when you take things slowly with love and intimacy which leads to a long time relationship. but note, there might not be intimacy if you’re not comfortable around him or her.

When telling your past to your partner try to say it in a positive light and make it reciprocal some people will be like “I’ll tell you later just tell me yours first” ask yourself what if he or she did not later tell me his/her past so be wise with the way you tell your partner about your past

You being in a relationship doesn’t mean you stop some activities, I mean make your partner your best friend.. you can play games, gist, do some educative discussions which is very important, walk out if necessary, and most importantly plan together. I do tell people if you’re in a relationship and you guys don’t plan together about how your relationship can move forward forget you’re joking around. During this period, you tend to know your partner well coz you observe him/her everyday to bring the best out of each other

Watch out for red flags in your relationship I.e once you notice your partner makes plans and repeatedly cancel or disappoints, or you see them treating other people poorly, or they criticize you, or beat you jokingly it’s a sign. so stop investing your energy in that kind of relationship so you won’t regret it.

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One important thing that makes relationship last long is communication, say what you mean and mean what you say, be direct and considerate, choose battles wisely, treat your partner well, and avoid destructive things like yelling, insulting, and judging. Without communicating well the relationship can break down and might not last

I hope we all gained one or two things from my point of view. You can also drop your comments and there is also room for questions.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Stay tuned for my next write up

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