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‘I tested positive. The next day, I went into labor. I sent a text to my family and close friends. They had no clue that I was saying goodbye.

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In early April, Florette Johnson, from Florida, was rushed to a hospital with a persistent cough and difficulty breathing.
Florette, who was pregnant and would give birth any day, had unfortunately contracted the coronavirus .
But she didn’t know how serious this turned out to be.Suddenly, everything went very fast – Florette was being prepared for Caesarean section but eventually she gave birth naturally.After the birth, the new mother’s condition quickly worsened. Doctors said she had a 1/100 chance of surviving.But miraculously, this strong and brave mom survived – even though she was in a coma and a ventilator for five days.After this horrific incident, Florette posted an emotional post on Facebook, which has now gone viral.“On April 4th, I went to the hospital because I was coughing nonstop. When I got to the hospital, they took an X-ray. The nurse told me I had pneumonia in my lungs. They tested for COVID-19 and it came back positive. I didn’t know how serious this was.They brought me up to labor and delivery, then moved me to another section due to fear of the virus. The next day I went into labor. For three months, I kept saying I would not have a c-section; I was determined not to get cut again. In the meantime, my oxygen was dropping. Every time I took a breath in, I would cough over and over. I was taken back to labor and delivery; due to my breathing, I was prepped for a c-section.At this time, I was already 10cm. I felt the contraction, so I pushed. I closed my eyes and asked God for the breath and strength to push. The doctor was shocked. 30 minutes later, my Angel was born. They immediately took her away. I did not get to see her clearly or touch her. The doctor called for help because my breathing became worse. She and 3 others rushed me to the ICU.When I got there, they took all kinds of tests. My coughing got even worse. The only way I was able to see my baby was through FaceTime with the NICU nurse. On Wednesday, April 8th, my RN came into my room and put a chair beside me with tears in her eyes telling me, in other words, I was dying. My oxygen was lower than 60 and getting worse. Pneumonia took over my lungs. She asked if I wanted to call anyone.So, I asked her to call my husband. The nurse shared the bad news with him and brought the option of the ventilator. It would buy me some time and help. I had him on 3-way with my mom and briefly spoke to her and then my younger kids. I sent a text to my family and close friends. They had no clue that I was saying goodbye.They prepped me for the ventilator and while doing so, I asked Dr. P what my chance of waking up was. He said, ‘1/100.’ I have gone through so much the last 6-7 months and that helped my relationship with God grow more personal. My reaction was like, ‘Wow this is really happening. This nurse just told me I was dying.’ Honestly, I didn’t shed any tears, I wasn’t scared.Before they put me under, I prayed a quick prayer and hoped that I left the kids with a yearning for God. My last thought was wondering why He went through with blessing me with a baby I would never hold. I knew where I was going so I was at peace.I was put under Wednesday and woke up Monday. God allowed me to still be here. At that time, I can’t tell you how many people were on their knees praying. I want to thank EVERYONE that prayed for me and my family. All of you are heaven-sent. God is real. We all have our differences in what we believe in: I BELIEVE in GOD.”

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