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Pregnant mother of one stabs lover to death for allegedly impregnating another.

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Hell, says William Shakespeare, has no fury like a woman scorned. That much was proven in the life of Mr. Anyakwo Mohammed whose lover stabbed to death for impregnating another woman.

In a sensational confession to the Nasarawa State Command of the Nigerian Securities and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Veronica rendered an account of how she drove a knife into her husband’s chest during a quarrel, causing him to die before he could be rushed to the hospital.

Already, the NSCDC has vowed to charge her to court for murder.

Narrating the events that culminated in the fatal incident, Veronica said her late Mohammed refused her request that she should allow him to make a call with his phone, and the situation resulted in a heated argument.

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She said: “I was roasting a yam for him because he was very hungry, but a disagreement broke out in the process. I went inside the room to pick the knife with which I would peel the yam.

“As the quarrel continued, I told him that he would no longer eat from the yam and that he should go and eat at the place of the woman he impregnated.

“He got angry, stood up and held my hand in a bid to forcibly collect the knife from me so that he would peel the yam by himself.

“As we dragged the knife, its sharp end drove into his chest, causing a deep cut and serious bleeding.

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“It was in the night, so before they could rush him to the hospital, he died.”

Expressing regrets over the incident, Veronica said she would not have picked a quarrel with her late husband if she had any inkling that it would result in his death.

“I would not have engaged in a quarrel with him if I knew,” she said. “I loved him so much even though he disappointed me.

“May God Almighty forgive all my sins and his shortcomings. I believe that God will take my husband to heaven to be with Him. May his gentle soul find peace.

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“His death was not deliberate. I will forever miss him.

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