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The Governor’s Dairy: Abdulrahman is Returning Sanity Into Governance By Tunde Fadipe

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You will understand that things are no longer the same in the political environment of Kwara State. Governance and leadership is being driven with fairness and progress is being recorded on daily basis.

If you know the Kwara State fire service station along Unity Road beside the former stolen Amusement Park, you will know that sanity has fully returned to governance in Kwara State. For sixteen years, the building was begging for renovation but the previous government did not pay attention to it. A whole fire service station didn’t have a functional vehicle until the governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq came to power. Only God knows the number of fire incidents that could have been averted if that station had been functional in the last sixteen years.

Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq is not a legacy killer. He has never instructed anyone to change any mark on whatever the previous administration has done. He’s working very hard to sustain and improve on projects and policies that are good for the masses from the past administration while also implementing his manifestoes. Don’t forget how vindictive the previous government was when they took over from Rear Admiral Mohammed Lawal. Infact, Saraki’s One Hundred Days achievement was the successful changing of the name UP LAWAL on all Lawal’s project to UP KWARA.

Despite the level of the fraud perpetrated by the previous administration, no single person has been harassed, intimidated and made to suffer unjustly under the administration of Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman. The suspended Local Government executives can boldly say that Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman is not witch-hunting anyone. I am yet to see that Governor in Nigeria that will suspended the opposition Local Government executives and still pay them full salary. He has made it clear that he’s only interested in knowing the arithmetic of the financial transactions at the Local Government level under the previous government and not for whatever reason after their jobs.

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The leadership of HE Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman had made it clear that he’s not after anyone for any reason. He has allowed the EFCC and other security agencies to carry out their duties in Kwara State without interference. The reports are quite expository and revealing but the governor has kept mute. We have heard certain numbers of non-existing schools and ghost staff. EFCC has forfeited properties worth multi-million naira owned by civil servants with salary less than a Hundred Thousand Naira. The governor has not resulted to calling names and creating issues out of it.

For the first time in a long time, the salary is being paid as at when due. There’s great improvement on road maintenance in Kwara State. Potholes are being filled up in the metropolis on daily basis. New roads construction are in the pipeline and has already been advertised for bidding. Government and public institutions are now coming back more alive and alert because the new sheriff in town will not tolerate indolence and corruption. Radio Kwara (99.1 Midland FM) is back on the air after long absence due to neglect by the previous government, everyone who has made that possible was appreciated by the governor.

Kwara State is not a home of insecurity, the kidnapping of the Turkish nationals doesn’t represent who we are, though those Turkish has been rescued without any payment of ransom, a marching order has been given to the security agencies by the governor to bring the perpetrators to book and a repeat must not occur.

Kwara State will be lucky to have two ministers in the next cabinet. Lai Mohammed and Rukayat Saraki will compliment the effort of the governor to take Kwara State to the expected height. The governor attended one of the plenary of the Senate for the confirmation. It was a surprise that the Governor was in the chamber to honour Alh. Lai Mohammed. This is a sign to mischief makers singing around that the Kwara APC is going into brink.

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The week also saw two of the pillars of the administration of HE Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman marking birthdays. The First Lady of Kwara State Mrs Folake Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq and His Excellency, The Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Mr Kayode Alabi many more of your birthday anniversaries in good health and happiness.

Ise ti ya ni Kwara State, let’s get this down together.

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