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Southern Kaduna is not Kaduna South Senatorial Zone but 11 LGAs where God located diverse ethnic groups South of the Southernmost Hausa City call Zaria. Majority of Southern Kaduna people are Christians.

The Fulanis have tried to no avail to convert these ethnic groups to Islam but couldn’t even with the establishment of an Emirate call Jama’a Emirate in Kafanchan to ensure tribe around that area are converted to Islam.

The 2006 censors gave Kaduna State a Population of 6m, the 3rd after Kano and Lagos. When you add and sum up the population of the 11 LGA that made up Southern Kaduna you will get a Population of about 3m people.

Southern Kaduna People are the most educated people in the entire Northwest. Kaduna State is the 4th educationally advantage state in the North after Kwara, Benue, Kogi and definately it’s not the Hausa Fulanis that made that possible but Southern Kaduna people.

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In 1987 when Katsina State was created not all among the Hausa Fulani intelligentsia were happy. Why were they not happy, they were not happy because they doubt if Zaria alone would be able to contain and keep in check the people of Southern Kaduna. They faired that Southern Kaduna people might be more Powerful than Zaria. They thought Kaduna state might easily be taken over by Christians from Southern Kaduna.

After the creation of Katsina State in 1987 some Katsina State indigenes went for a thank you visit to the House of a retired General from Katsina. The general told them he is not a party to the creation of Katsina state. He said he warned IBB against it but he still went ahead and created Kastina. The reason the general gave his visitors is , Southern Kaduna people will be more powerful and he doubt if Zaria people would be able to contain them.

The fears of the Hausa and Fulani intellegentsia became real when Rev. John Aboki a Gbagyi man became the LGA Chairman of Kaduna after the creation of Katsina State. A slap on the face of Late Islamic Scholar Sheikh Abubakar Gumi who always boast whenever the occasion warrants him , that a Christian can never rule Kaduna and Nigeria in general.

The emergence of Rev. John Aboki as the LGA Chairman ignited the beginning of a conspiracy against the people of Southern Kaduna by the Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia . The Military are not left out in this conspiracy against the peaceful people of Southern Kaduna. Because during the military regimes , the military made sure no Christian ever ruled Kaduna, their fears is any Military Administrator and a Christian in Kaduna will not only jeopardise their plans to keep the people of Southern Kaduna under perpetual oppression and Suppression but it will empower and create a fair playing ground for Southern Kaduna People, which would eventually liberate them from their clutches. It was common then to see an Igbo Christian as Military administrator of Kano or Yobe but not Kaduna.

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When it was obvious Nigeria has to return to democracy. The Hausa Fulani intelligentsia sad down again and conspired on how they can suppress and oppress Southern Kaduna people. The Military were also effective in that conspiracy. This time around they use a weapon call Polling Units and Senatorial Zones. Because of the issue of Polling Units many of our people are disenfranchised they can’t vote. Many feel discourage to trek long distance just to cast their votes. While the Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia made sure in every street or 1 Km radius they have a Polling Unit , they made it so easy and effortless for their own people.

Southern Kaduna would have been producing 2 Senators in Kaduna State. Central Senatorial Zone and Southern Senatorial Zone. The Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia knew this and this is what they did. Anywhere Christians are Majority they made sure they weaken them and strengthen the minority Hausa Fulani Muslims. Giwa & Birnin Gwari two LGAs that are bordering core Northern States like Zamfara and Kastina are Politically push to Central Senatorial Zone instead of Northern Senatorial Zone to strengthen the Hausa Fulani Majority in the Central Zone. Kachia with about 90% Christians, that suppose to be in the Central Zone was pushed to the Southern senatorial zone to further weaken the Christians in the Center. Kauru and Lere of old Saminaka LGA where splitted Lere placed in Northern Senatorial Zone and Kauru Southern Senatorial Zone just to make sure Christians and Southern Kaduna people are weaken in the Central Senatorial Zone.

After Kaduna LGA was splitted into 2 Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia didn’t also relax. Tudun Wada across the river was politically push to the south to strengthen the Muslim Population in Kaduna South LGA while the Christians were weaken by pushing areas like Narayi, Television and Sabo areas with dense Christian Population into Chikun LGA. Making it extremely difficult for any Christian or Southern Kaduna man to emerge as the LGA Chairman of Kaduna South LGA. In 2003 a Hausa Fulani friend told me in Funtua Katsina state that a Christian will never rule Kaduna State I asked him why and he said they have made their Plans a long time ago. Those are the Plans I just explained to you above.

With all these Evil Plans against Southern Kaduna People The Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia are still not satisfied , their conspiracy now is how do we wipe these people out of existence and take their lands by force.

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The Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia are still threatened by Southern Kaduna, today. If you ask me what do Southern Kaduna have that they are threatened honestly I can’t say but what is obvious is they see a great potential in a people and they must bring these people down. My Bible tells me that a wicked person runs even when nobody is chasing him.

It might surprise you that this Hausa and Fulani intelligentsia might not even be Kaduna State indigenes but they work for the entire Hausa and Fulani people.accross Nigeria. Why I am saying this is , in 2011 when Yakowa was elected as Governor of Kaduna state , I met Hausa Fulanis from Sokoto and even Kano that are more interested with Kaduna not even their states. And when Yakowa won they felt like the world has ended for them.

In 2012 I was in the office in Asokoro Abuja of a highly placed Hausa Fulani elite a former Governor and a former Chief of Army staff of a West African country. After spending about 2 hours with him. He asked me which state am I from and I told him I am from Kaduna State. That man adjust his seat and looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Ayuba, you Southern Kaduna People are very intelligent people”. That man said it all, why they are after us is they see a people very intellegent if left unchecked will wrestle power away from them.

As They Plan against Us God is Also Planning Against them. Whoever thought Yakowa a Christian will rule Kaduna State against their evil Plans. As long as Kaduna remains a State not divided Elijah has gone but Elisha is coming very soon.

The intelligentsia is a status class of educated people engaged in the complex mental labours that critique, guide, and lead in shaping the culture and politics of their society.
Please : keep forwarding to create awareness of the evil agenda of this evil government.

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