Friday, March 31, 2023
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A doctor collapsed yesterday inside a hospital.

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And a whole “Federal Medical Centre” did NOT have a defibrillator (a machine that shocks the heart to revive it)
They travelled to GovtHouse Clinic to borrow one. By then, the doctor died. human life has NO value in Nigeria.

A defibrillator is a basic life saving equipment. It should be like paracetamol or cotton wool in any hospital.

Here in the UK, petrol stations, cinemas, football stadiums, games arena, train stations, etc all have a defibrillator.
But in Nigeria, an FMC doesn’t have it.
Shame. I can’t get my head round it.
This is a doctor who collapsed IN A HOSPITAL. Not outside a hospital.

Yet the most important equipment to save his life was nowhere available.
This hospital has patients on their wards- if anyone collapses- that’s the end too. We are in deep shit.
When people collapse outside hospital, the advice we always give is “rush them to the hospital”

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If a hospital doesn’t even have something as basic as a defibrillator, how is that an hospital?
Nigeria treats human lives with levity and watches its citizens die like chickens. The shameful part is NO investigation or changes will be made to correct this clear madness.
That same FMC in Bayelsa will still NOT get any defibrillator, it would be a lot of “Eya” and “na wa o”, and life continues till the next person dies.

This is a disgraceful country. Every time a person dies because no oxygen in hospital, or no light to do urgent surgery, or no defibrillator to save the life of a collapsed person- all because someone stole the money meant to provide those things-
This is how politicians kill people.
But we just keep quiet. A defibrillator costs about 350,000 naira ONLY. And if bought in wholesale en masse, the price may be cheaper.

Yet a “Federal Medical Centre” that gets Federal allocations running into BILLIONS monthly did NOT have ONE functional defibrillator.

See, we are a very mad country.

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~Kemi Sisi Eko

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