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Interview with Dr. Kayode Ajulo, Renowned Lawyer, Right Activist and Secretary, Forward With BUHARI.

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A lot of Nigerians see your organisation, Forward With Buhari (FWB) as an appendage of APC. Are you a member of APC?

Let me say this without mincing words that Forward With Buhari is an independent campaign group with the sole aim of using every available and legally permissible way to ensure that Buhari is returned to power. As expected, not only that we are mobilising for him, we are also goodwill ambassadors and foot soldiers ensuring that the desirable is done.

To say whether, we are part of APC , I will say yes and no. Yes, in the sense that some of the promoters are from APC. For example, during the inauguration, the prime mover and chief host is Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State who is solidly  behind the group and in his message, he let the world know that even governors who are not APC are solidly with us for Buhari’s re-election.

Also remember that His Excellency Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar is the Chairman of all the governors in Nigeria, that is, Nigeria Governors Forum, the members of the Forum irrespective of their political affiliations want Buhari re-elected, that’s the naked and unimpeachable truth.

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Moreover, Like, I (Kayode Ajulo) speaking, I am not a card carrying member of APC till today. I am not in APC.

As you know, I voluntarily resigned as National Secretary of Labour Party and I’m yet to declare for APC, this I can’t do alone, I can’t join any party under the table and anytime I’m ready, I won’t be alone but with all those that believe in me. It would be done with pomp and pageantry such occasion deserves.

But when it comes to this Project, to re-elect Buhari, I consider myself as No. 1 of those behind him and we are using our solidarity style, popular agitation, march on the streets, road shows, volunteers, etc, it is Forward Ever!, Forward With Buhari! As you can see, our name is well thought of, it is an expression of our noble intention.

That really raises one fundamental revelation, and that is for you to know that the number of people rooting and agitating that Buhari should be re-elected as Presisent are more than the members of APC. Please do your research.

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How many votes does this group intend to give Buhari?

We intend to give Buhari maximum votes, what distinguishes us is that with the coordination of the governors and other political leaders as inspired by Governor Yari, we have penetrated all the 36 States, all the 774 Local Governments, 8, 809 Wards, and the entire 119, 973 polling units in Nigeria!

Our formulae is solid, the governors and our leaders hold the ace in this election.

We have also found out too…., although I won’t like to reveal most of our strategies, as only a retard army General that doesn’t understand his commission would reveal his strategies.

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We want to ensure that those who have not been voting are encouraged to vote, and in that way discourage voters apathy.

In most of the previous general election  only 30-35 per cent of the registered voters who have permanent voters cards voted.

Where are the other 70 per cent or there about? It is our duty to look for them, go for them and ensure that they vote.

This election is unique, BUHARI will win in over 30 States, interestingly, his main challenger, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar will not win even in his home State, Adamawa.

Please go to the field and ask questions. I won’t make bogus claims if I’m unsure of the basis.

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