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“A dagba je Raufu” saga

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The phrase is not complete, historically, the meaning is …..Adagba je Raufu, o san ju Ogundeji ba n mugawa (or aha)…To change ones name at only age is better than Ogundeyi serve us with palmwine….aha is a small calabash in form of cup used in serving or drinking palmwine.

There was a man called Ogundeyi, he was like a bar man in one of Yoruba’s kings palace. His duty was to serve king’s guests everyday.

One day an itinerary preacher came to their town and Ogundeyi got converted to Islam. The scholar gave him AbdurRauf based on the circumstances of his conversion…. But in the olden days, the name was better called Raufu.

Raufu decided to follow the scholar on dawaah outing that lasted for months….

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On his return to the town, Ogundeyi now Raufu shunned his job of service man at the palace claiming Islam abhors drinking of intoxicants. He became subject of discussion, taunting, abuse, name calling and jesting….. One of it is ….Adagba je Raufu. That’s, at old age, you suddenly realized the need for Raufu instead of Ogundeyi based on religious belief.

But, an event that changed the narrative was a drought they experienced in the town. There was no rainfall for years, and all the idols were appeased to no success… Then, Ogundeyi went to the king to inform of a prayer he learned through his Alfa that can bring rain( Solatul Istisqai).

The king in dire need of a way-out of the drought agreed to Ogundeyi’s suggestion.

The whole populace gathered at the outskirt of the town to observe the solat led by Ogundeyi. They hardly finished the solat there was a heavy downpour to the admiration of the people.

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Ogundeyi was revered as they saw as someone with better efficacy of prayer. Thus, the narrative changed instead of abuses it turned out to be praises… The phrase was now modified to….Adagba je Raufu osan ju Ogundeyi ba n gbemu wa or ban mahawa.

What an interesting read
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