Friday, March 31, 2023


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It is not my pleasure to write this piece but compelled by the future of the Yoruba elite and civilized society, Yoruba society without noise will become the USA of other Nigerians who either by religion or tribal bigotry turn themselves to paupers. The reason being the lunatic action of the illiterate fools called themselves Niger Delta Avengers. Bad enough, wailers from all over Nigeria did not see evil in their actions until it will be too late. The idiots “clap for themselves” for blowing up basic infrastructure in their territory to explain their hate for PMB . Well-done guys! You said you are fighting for an injustice against your people for polluting your lands and water as a result of pipeline linkages and you are blowing up major oil pipelines to litter the entire lands and water. what a great feat of idiocy! Killing self to punish enemy is a new concept of the Niger delta people…well done. These animals did not fight for these when their hero or heroine was on the seat but now…anyway Unity is not Uniformity, you people can be thuggish while we in South West keep moving yet we are united in one Nigeria where one choose backwardness and other progress.

You said you are fighting against poverty in Niger Delta and you are reducing to nothing your supposed state allocation from the 13% oil derivations, to the extent that a small oil rich state like Bayelsa,with only 8 local govt can no longer pay its worker’s salaries for the past 8 months now. Meanwhile your allocation is more than Osun state twice with population less than half of Osun state. What an achievement by the dullard. Ben Bruce of weak memory brought rice to Osun to assist the “HUNGRY” Osun people “SUFFERING” under Aregbesola but could not speak “SENSE UNCOMMON” for his people who are owned salary despite abundance enjoyed.

You say you are fighting against massive unemployment of ND youths and you are chasing out investors already in your lands by blowing up their infrastructures, and announcing to them the hostility of siting any sort of oil company in your environs. Crude oil is Located in ND, but Dangote is building the world’s biggest Mega refinery of 650,000brrl/day capacity in Lagos. It was announced recently that another Igbo man (Iheanacho of APGA) from South East is building another 150,000brrl/day refining capacity in Lagos, and as a sane man I asked myself, ‘Why Lagos again? Why not in any of the Niger Delta oil rich states?’ The answer is very simple. Because these guys are smart investors, they would even prefer to import crude from abroad at international price into their  refineries than site their refineries in Niger Delta where criminals called Militants will incessantly blow up their oil pipelines to disrupt their production.  May God cure your stupidity by fire.

The cost of importing crude oil even from abroad can never equate the cost of constantly repairing their broken oil pipelines.

Please can someone tell me who are now the real enemies destroying Niger Delta? The govt,PMB, Yoruba, Hausa, Investors or the militants?” I shall be grateful to Baba Awolowo who made us to know that “Knowledge is Power” It is not by gragra or noise but decency and careful plan. Call Yoruba cowards, lazy n poor you shall all be slaves and your progenitor may equally be.

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Buhari will soon go and your Niger Delta will remain poorer as you choose to remain.

… John Ogunlela

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