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Olajumoke Vs Daniel (5.0 CGPA)!! Is Beauty More Rewarding Than The Brain In Nigeria?

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I was surfing the internet and came across this interesting comparism by Ishola Kayode and thought to share with you.

In this era where there is an “unjust” pontification on Beauty over the brain, one needs to wonder a little the trends that preceded and made things turn that way.

Its a common thing to see people who made success in the fashion, entertainment, modelling and many other relevant industries that will be placed in the “beauty” category being giving more than enough kudos and attention.

The story of Bread seller turned model Olajumoke and most recently the first Unilag graduate to have hit the much coveted “perfect distinction” of 5.0. Their cases can be said to be a perfect and the most relevant example of the beauty and the brain.

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When Olajumoke was discovered, her life took a total turn around. She got the most media attention. She got a new and fresh apartment, was reunited with her hobby, got an interview on CNN, became a motivational speaker, has featured in numerous photo shoots just to remain in the news…and a myriad of other motivations and rewards.

Her benefactor,T.Y bello also featured in the show as many “Nigerians” kept showering praises on her…her act also prompted some celebrities to follow suit in turning around lives..
The University of Lagos unveiled their record setting graduate… Who hit the target by attaining a 5.0 CGPA. This guy failed to get less than an A in all his numerous courses throughout his undergraduate years.

That’s a hell of achievement and as usual the media is reporting it but not like that of the Breadseller turned Model’s story..Why? That’s because Nigerians will become adamant and hypocritic judge instantly cause his success was not inspired by a notable celebrity.

No T.Y Bello, Olamide, Don Jazzy, in his story..Hmm, No interviews on CNN, so far it’s been just a mention on NTA. No photoshoots (Lol…that may not be necessary though), No academic oriented firm or NGO is reporting or commending him “visibly” plus the fact that some folks are commonising this laudable feat and making dumb cracks with it..

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Anyway, this is not the first time this beauty and the brain ratings is taking the space and as usual, we all know which will win.

Just that I feel if we want to develop as a nation, I mean if we want to leave the stage of the developing nations to the developed ones.

We need to reward and promote people with the brain.

Not forgetting that if we fail to honour them, we are deterring hardworking and excellence in the Academic niche and its takes little time for the consequences to manifest in our Nation.
Contribute the way out to such thing that is becoming common in Nigeria.

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