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Who is the Boss?

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At a party in an MNC the boss ordered a young junior lady Officer to say a joke to all.

The lady Officer didn’t like the way he ordered and his attitude. But finally she agreed for a joke. See what she said….

Once their was a fight between Human Body Parts. Brain said I am the Boss, because I take all decisions.

Feet said they want to be the boss because they carry the whole load.

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Heart said it is the lifeline and no one can survive without it.

Similarly, Lungs, kidney, liver, Hands, Eyes, etc came up with their reasons.

While the argument was at its peak, Asshole shouted, ‘Why should I be ignored? I am also eligible to be a boss.’

All body parts started laughing at it.

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Asshole got annoyed and went on Strike, blocked itself and refused to open. In a short time, Hands Cranked, Eyes Blurred, Ears Emitted Hot Air, Brain Got Heavy, Heart and Lungs Panicked.
Finally they all agreed and accepted Asshole should be the BOSS.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are…?
Any Asshole can be your Boss !!!!

All junior officers clapped. The CEO was shocked.

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