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In defence of LAi Muhamad

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I’m not a blind follower of change. I’m very reasonable and understand what is going on. When statements are made by a personality of Lai Mohammed, study, peruise before you comment. I have engaged him severally on issues one on one and on phone… he is a man who knows what he is saying.

Lai, it was, who told us that by the time the looting activities of the PDP comes to light, some people will stone them, he said this in July. Wailers wailed at him, doubters doubted him. I was on the look out because I know the man who is behind the statement. 
Alas!!!! He was right! Even though, most of us feel like stoning Dasuki, yet dasukigate is the smallest corrupt impunity committed by GEJ and his shameless wailing goats.

Yesterday, he said the cuurent suffering of fuel scarcity was caused by Jonathan. Some people went wild. They wonder why Jonathan was still being mentioned.

See, GEJ is going to be mentioned for a long long longlong time to come because the havoc he wrecked is gigantic. The light of Jonathan has travelled away, but the sound of Jonathan is just arriving.

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Jonathan did not remove subsidy, yet he did a budget without subsidy payment. Jonathan promised to build refineries in 2012 from the money saved in the subsidy reduction. What did he do, he only built the stomach of Anyim, cheeks of Iweala and eyes of Diezani.

Jonathan destroyed our CBN treasury and was spending dollars like water during his last days…in 2015 alone, the crash of naira is equalled that of the last 15 years! Jonathan messed up everything about Forex. Therefore, we cannot produce petrol locally and to import, we need almost double of what it used to be in 2014!!! Yet, you don’t want Jonathan to be mentioned. Sorry, that evil caused it. Buhari should have hit the ground running but there was no ground! Buhari has been fixing Jonathan’s endless mess since June.

Imagine the God forsaken, hell adoring party call PDP is also complaining about fuel scarcity…. Have they forgotten how they left us in May??? Awon eleebusan!

Today, Buhari has presented a new budget estimate to the NASS which will clean the horrific mess of Jonathan and his oloriburuku PDP and also implement the real change we all seek.

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Alhaji Mohammed is right. If you feel otherwise, you are just playing a self denial game. Jonathan’s evil impact cannot leave us in a hurry!

…Authur Unknown
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