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Do people still listen to them?

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“During the prayer/fasting, the Lord showed me three men trying to bury Goodluck Jonathan. Each one of them was trying to bury him one after the other, but as they pushed down his head, he rose up again. After the third man pushed down his head, he thought he had prevailed, he was already jubilating but suddenly Goodluck rose up.”
– Prophet Olaniyi Odutayo.
“The upcoming election will be very tough for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but they will win the presidency.”
– Prophet Joseph Oladipupo.
“The 2015 elections will hold but will be peaceful in some areas and not in other areas. As it is, from what I see at the moment, PDP will win, amidst serious criticism.”
– Primate Elijah Ayodele.
“With the level of bloodshed I saw, it is better Goodluck goes now to his village quietly. 2015 election is another June 12. The man who truly won will not govern or rule”
– Apostle Johnson Suleiman.
“If Buhari can surrender his heart to me, he will win the election. Nevertheless despite people’s mandate, they will neither release power to him nor swear him in as the president of the nation. His situation will be similar to Abiola that had people’s mandate, but was not given the chance to rule the country.”
– Prophet Paul Okikiiesu
“There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming 2015 presidential election.”
– Sat Guru Maharaji.
“I want to let the people of Nigeria know that The Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat.”
– Prophet Micheal Olubode.
“President Jonathan is the set man for Nigeria and his next term on the seat will bring liberation to Nigeria.”
– Apostle B.B Frederick.
“Buhari has a mission divinely imposed on him, but he shall not rule this country again; even if he wins, God has not determined him to find His favour. Jonathan is the last elected president of this country.”
– Prophet Godfrey Gbujie.
“Though he will give Ebele Jonathan tough time, he will accuse the PDP of rigging the election, go to court but justice will not prevail. What a pity! I see him fainting and uncooperative to ensure the peace of Nigeria after his defeat.”
– Pastor Dapo Adeniyi.
“By my mercy, President Jonathan would surely win this year’s presidential election. And all those who are against him shall be put to shame,”
– Reverend Saviour Awusi
“God is saying that there is no vacancy in Aso Rock. For reasons best known to him, Jonathan, even though will rig, is still going to be the president,”
– Archbishop John Obiokeke
“In the presidential election of 2015, APC will try but PDP will win.”
– Pastor Success Ibeakanma
“They want Jonathan resigned or changed, but God has given Jonathan the 2015 election key of victory.”
– Pastor Emeka Agwu
“I am not a politician nor do I belong to any political party. I am just speaking God’s mind. The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect but he will retain the seat. It’s not guesswork… President Jonathan will win, but he has to pray about his health and so many political blows.”

– Brother Joshua Iginla
Culled from Faizal Muazu
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